Mundipharma ran its 100th Pain Management Master Classes in November 2015, with the program servicing over 4,500 healthcare practitioners all around Australia since it began.

The Pain Management Master Classes were launched in 2009 as part of the CARE by mundipharma® offering (Clinical Academic Resources & Education) which supplies healthcare practitioners with access to accredited education programs. The Master Classes consist of two half-day weekend meetings, one full-day meeting or two evening dinner meetings during which experts deliver the latest academic insights on pain management from a balanced point of view.

In the initial year of the Master Class program, four events were held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. The meeting series then quickly grew to educate doctors located in regional areas with mini master classes being held for doctors who have limited opportunities to travel.

In 2011, only two years after the program’s inception, 18 meetings were held. The success in the area of primary care further sprouted the Registrar Pain Management Master Class program in 2013. In 2015, the program expanded again and Mundipharma developed Aged Care Pain Management Master Classes, specifically aimed at up-skilling nurses and GPs working in this area. With demand for pain education in the community rising, the number of pain Master Classes run around the country has increased significantly each year and in November 2015, the 100th Master Class was held. Overall, 70% of doctors who attended the program stated their confidence to manage chronic pain had greatly improved, and 59% declared their confidence to use opioids appropriately had greatly improved.

The content of the Master Classes is continuously updated with the latest developments in pain management and remains the flagship offering of Mundipharma’s educational programs. 28 meetings are scheduled to be held in 2016, the most number of meetings held by Mundipharma in one year.

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