Starting Friday 9 October, Mundipharma launched a month long cross media campaign on radio, newspapers and websites to prompt patients suffering constipation related to their pain medication to discuss the issue with their GP. The Sydney focused cross media campaign is a major initiative for Mundipharma and is being implemented after a pilot program successfully tested the concept in Coffs Harbour in July/August this year.

Constipation can be a debilitating side effect of pain medication1,2. One in three patients with chronic pain (taking laxatives with opioids) may reduce or skip their pain medication specifically to facilitate a bowel movement3,4. A recent Mundipharma audit of 61 GPs and 604 patients found that 52% of patients suffer symptoms of constipation but only 21% of patients were routinely asked about constipation2. This highlighted a clear need for patients with chronic pain and their doctors to be talking about and treating medication related constipation.

During October, newspaper and radio commercials will encourage patients with chronic pain suffering from constipation to seek help from their doctor. The radio spots will be broadcasted on 2GB, 2UE and 2CH while the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph and local suburban newspapers will feature the printed adverts. Posters are also displayed in surgeries’ waiting rooms and pharmacies, reminding patients to discuss constipation with their healthcare professional. These activities will be supported by a national online advertising campaign including search and display to encourage patients to visit, then visit their doctor.





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