Mundipharma stood out at the Prime Awards this year, winning the Best Single Ad Award with the first ever rich video ad to appear on an Australian general practitioner medical site.

The Prime Awards recognise the best and most effective work in the category of healthcare and pharmaceuticals in Australia. The digital campaign for one of Mundipharma’s key products was developed by Affinity and was selected as the best single ad amongst a traditionally print-lead category. In fact, the campaign was the first digital ad to be selected for Best Single Ad for the Prime Awards ever, exciting evidence that healthcare communications are evolving fast.

The campaign was complimented by the judges for its delivery which offered many opportunities for interaction from the onset. The “patient” in the ad trying to distract the viewer prompting them to turn the volume down to hear the voiceover added a creative element to deliver the message effectively. With the click through to the site, healthcare professionals remained engaged to source further information. In fact, 72% of all who saw the ad interacted with it, a significantly higher engagement rate compared to industry standards.

Luke Brown, CEO, Affinity declared: “It’s particularly rewarding to make history as not only the first digital entry to achieve finalist status in the category but to go on and win Best Ad of the competition. A great result, not just for us and our client, Andrew McGuire at Mundipharma, but for the industry as a whole. Our win legitimises digital as a core channel in a category still largely led by print based communication. The opportunity now lies with healthcare advertisers to break with tradition and ensure digital is a primary part of their media mix, just like Mundipharma have.”